He Was Thrown Down 22 Stories Like Trash, But His Comeback Is Simply Miraculous.

This is a bit difficult to watch, but knowing Patrick made it through and in good hands makes this all worth it.
When a group of maintenance men noticed a bag was moving around in a trash container, they wanted to figure out what was inside – and never could have guessed what they were about to find. A dog, who was starving, malnourished and in terrible condition, had been thrown down the 22-story garbage chute. Alive but extremely sick and injured, the dog – now named Patrick – was rescued by animal workers, and brought back to health. This is his incredible story, and while it’s difficult to watch in the beginning, seeing Patrick looking safe and healthier by the end is definitely worth it.
What an incredible story. Hats off to the maintenance workers and animal lovers who made Patrick’s rescue possible. No animal should ever be thrown away like trash.
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