The Effects from Walking Barefoot 5 Minutes Every Day

Centuries ago man had to walk barefoot, there was no concept of shoes or protecting your feet. Even today many people living in the country side have this healthy habit of walking bare foot on grass. By walking bare foot we give our feet a chance to feel the sense of touch and get in contact with nature. 

Our extremities have different points which are connected to vital organs in our body. When we walk bare foot, these points are stimulated and positive energy is transmitted to our organs.
Chinese concept of the “Chi”:
Eastern medicine and philosophies have this concept of energy flow. Indians call this positive energy “Prana” while Chinese refer to it as “Chi”. It is believed that we can affect our health in a positive manner by stimulating certain points in our body. Just as the blood flow through the bloods stream, similarly the energy flows through the meridian system. The constant flow of energy ensures that our body is recharged. If there is some point in the meridian system which is blocked, the organ connected to it will not receive the energy and it will become week.
It is highly recommended that you walk bare feet daily. In case you cannot find the time to do that, you should find other ways of stimulating the energy flow, such as a foot massage. Massage your hands and feet daily in the morning. Apply strong pressure to your hands and feet, particularly those points where you feel the pain.
It is a common practice for Chinese to have foot massages. It is a tradition that children massage their father’s feet when he arrives home after the day’s work. It is not only considered as a sign of respect but also a way to stimulate the positive energy.
Many people find acupressure massage is quite helpful in different ailments. They are often helpful in digestion, heart diseases, frequent infections, tension, sinuses and even lack of energy.
The bottom line is that you should try to walk barefoot daily for at least 5 minutes and slowly increase the time. It will greatly affect your health, energy level, mood and emotions.
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