Hilarious Rottweiler Shows Its Mean Face On Command

Given the proper training, most dogs can master easy tricks like a hand shake or rolling over, but adorable Rottweiler in this next video has learned how to give his “mean face” on command, and it’s too funny! This big dog looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but don’t let those puppy eyes fool you.
“Show your teeth,” the owner tells the pup.

The Rottweiler flashes a smile and shows off his pearly white teeth before he’s given a delicious treat. The pose doesn’t last long, so his owner says, “Let me see your mean face.”

The dog’s response is much more intimidating. The dog goes from a lovable puppy to fierce guard dog in seconds — showing off his vicious fangs and snarling into the camera.
This Rottweiler is amazing! I wonder how they taught the dog to do this. Looks like it won’t long before he starts mastering more difficult tricks like these piano-playing dogs. It only took a few seconds for this dog to make me smile. How can anyone resist this smart one’s charm?

What’s the coolest trick you’ve ever taught your dog how to do? Tell us in the comments below.
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