Color of Your Urine Says About Your Health

The color of your urine may be a clear indication of your health condition. Its color, density and smell can tell a lot about your overall health. See the list below and find out if your urine has healthy color.

1 – No Color (transparent)
This is a symptom of water overconsumption, or that there is too much water in your body. Reduce the water intake.
2 – Pale Straw Color
This is normal color of the urine. You are healthy and well hydrated. Keep up this balance.
This is the normal color of the urine which indicates well-balanced body fluids and proper kidney function.
3 – Transparent Yellow
This is also healthy and most recommended urine color and a sign that you are healthy.
4 – Dark Yellow
This also is considered as a normal condition and a sign that your body needs some more water.
5 – Amber Or Honey
This is not a healthy color of your urine and it indicates that your body needs more fluids immediately in order to prevent dehydration.
6 – Syrup Or Brown Ale
This color is a sign of liver problem, according to experts. Also it may be a sign of dehydration.
 7 – Pink To Reddish
If you haven`t eaten beets or blueberries recently than this can be a sign that there is blood in the urine. In some case it is harmless, while in other it may indicate urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, prostate problems or tumors. It can also be mercury or lead poisoning.
8 – Orange
This can be a symptom of water deficiency. Also, it can indicate bile duct or liver problem.
9 – Blue Or Green
This can indicate rare genetic disease, infection of the urinary tract or some medication. Also, it can be due to some foods that you ate.
10 – Foaming Or Fizzing
If this happens occasionally, then there is no need to worry. But if this happens frequently, it may indicate kidney problem or excess proteins in the urine. Consult your doctor immediately.
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