How to Remove Uric Acid Crystallization in Joints (Gout and Joint Pain)

Many people are affected by this unpleasant condition. Not knowing that there are many healthy remedies available to help in dealing with this condition, most of us go for supplements and over-the-counter medicine for relief.
Not only convenient and effective, but these natural ways also offer additional health benefits to our body.
Learn the healthiest way on how to remove uric acid crystallization in your joints!
Cucumber – is one produce you would always want to keep in your fridge. The cucumber juice is great in bringing down the body temperature. Apart from being an effective alkalizing agent, it also works well in the removal of the uric acid that has been crystallized in the joints which usually happens in the case of gout.
When drinking this juice you might feel a slight pain.
This is the first sign of the healing process and it happens because the old toxins that need to be extracted are being stirred.
You can add ginger and celery which are good for reduction of inflammation when the body undergoes a cleansing process.
To prepare this juice you will need the following ingredients:
  • • 2 ribs of celery
  • • 1 average sized cucumber
  • • A slice of lemon
  • • 1 inch young ginger root
Wash the ingredients thoroughly. Then, slice the cucumber first to fit into your juicer. Know your juicer’s capacity. Then add the celery ribs. Make sure that you’ve removed all the dirt that has accumulated on it.
After that, take the lemon and cut it into half. This is all you need. Put the other half in the fridge.
Lastly, get the ginger root and carve it out.
Juice the ingredients, enjoy the drink, and deal with the crystallized uric acid. Drink as often as needed.
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