It Was Strange When He Put A Sock Filled With Cat Litter In His Car. But The Reason? Brilliant

As the weather becomes cooler, many of us will find ourselves right around the corner from freezing mornings where we have to deal with foggy windshields and eventually ice forming and the need to scrape and wait while our cars warm up and the defrost kicks in.

Very frustrating and it always ends up making you late for work, while you are shivering outside. But, there is a solution that very few people implement, yet it is so simple and so brilliant that it should be everyone’s go to remedy for the freezing temps and the frustrating defrosting wait that comes with it.
How in the world can athletic socks and cat litter be the magic solution? You are about to find out. This works so good that this guy doesn’t have to do a thing when it comes time to leave for work in the mornings. This is for sure something to try as it doesn’t get any simpler than this. Pretty ingenious and definitely worth an old sock and the particular litter he buys as to prevent what otherwise can be a real hassle!
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