Letting People Kiss Your Newborn Baby Could Lead To Death

Public Facebook Post Created By Mother To Warn Others About Her Daughter’s Near-Fatal Cold Sores After Kiss On Lips

‘Never let strangers kiss your baby’

One mother’s mission is to warn parents about not letting strangers kiss their babies on the mouth after her own daughter was hospitalized with potentially fatal cold sores caused by a strain of the herpes virus.
Claire Henderson’s baby girl was hospitalized for spent five days after showing blisters on her mouth. These cold sore blisters could have caused liver and brain damage if she wasn’t treated so quickly. Ms Henderson and her fiancé, Steven Perkins, have created a heartfelt message onFacebook to inform others about the dangers of letting strangers kiss your children.

Sadly, another couple was not so lucky. According to Daily Mail, a two-month-old baby died from a kiss from his own father.
The father had accidently transferred the cold-sore herpes virus to his baby. After spending 6 weeks, on life support, the two-month-old died from multiple organ failure.
We hope that this information gets spread to as many parents as possible. Although a person may seem perfectly fine they can transfer Herpes. Never let people kiss your babies on the lips.
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