Once He Puts This Stray Poodle Into His Car, Pay Close Attention To Her Fur

When Hope for Paws received a call about a homeless poodle, living on the streets of LA, they went out to investigate. What they found was a dog who was trapped under layers of thick matted fur, and who was deathly afraid of people. This poor dog, now known as Dolly, had obviously been neglected and traumatized. Rescuers worked hard to gain Dolly’s trust and told her “No one will ever hurt you again.” Our heroes were finally able to get Dolly into their car, where they bonded and brought her to her new life, fully of love! After a trip to the groomers, Dolly’s transformation will take your breath away… she looks like a COMPLETELY different dog! Check out Dolly’s heartwarming story in the video below, as she finds happiness in a permanent, loving home! Huge kudos to Hope for Paws and The Forgotten Dog Foundation!

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