The father of 6 dies. When a policeman sees these 6 barefoot children at a Walmart, his heart breaks.

Mark Engravalle has already experienced a lot while working as a policeman. But one day, as he is called to a Walmart to arrest a thief, something unbelievable happens.
For Mark Engravalle (from Roeland Park, Kansas), the day begins like any other workday. He gets a call at some point and must intervene in an incident. In this special case, it's at a local Walmart.

When he arrives, the employees have already taken a young mother named Sarah into custody. The mother is desperate because she stole diapers, shows, and clothes from the store.
Mark Engravalle notices something unusual about the mother's children. They are barefoot and have dirty feet. When he asks what has happened, she breaks into tears immediately. Sarah believes she is going straight to jail. Who will care for her 6 girls?

Mark learns that Sarah has been living in poverty since her husband died in 2012. Since losing her house, Sarah has lived with her 6 girls together in their car: Emily (15), Sophia (13), Angelina (12), Miley (4), and the two twins Becky and Bella (both 2 years old).
Mark Engravalle decides to only charge her with a misdemeanor and doesn't arrest her. Instead, he does something that changes the young woman's life forever.

Mark thinks about his own children and sees the dirty feet of the 6 girls. He takes her back into the Walmart and tells her to pick out some shoes. He also buys diapers and toys for the twins.
"He couldn't have been nice to my girls," says Sarah Robinson, the desperate mother. "And then I got a call the next day that they wanted to help us find a place to live."

Since this incident, hundreds of people have volunteered to support not just Sarah, but also Mark Engravalle. But Mark remains humble. He wants all the money, that people want to give him, to be given to the young family.
"It was humiliating that I could be at a point where I had to do something like that. He's greatly appreciated from all of us," says Robinson, who is still looking for a job to put a roof over her children's heads.
"I grew up bilingual. I speak English and Spanish and am good with computers," she says. "I just want to have a home for my children." She is more than thankful to Mark Engravalla, the policeman with the big heart: "There just aren't enough words to thank him with," she says. "My girls and I are in his debt forever."
This policeman showed his golden heart at the exact right moment that it was needed. When this selfless action also touched you as much as it did me, then share this article with everyone that you know.
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