What Your Driving Position Says About You

Could be one or could be all but we've all got a preferred driving position but do you know what your preferred method means? Backed by years of science and facts...and science, we've listed the true meaning behind each position. Driving with your hands at 10 & 2 is what is suggested. So if you're in this position, you're either carrying a kilo of the hard stuff in the trunk and don't want to get stopped

by 5-0, are currently on the track hitting those curves or you feel like if you let go of that death wheel for more than a millisecond, you'll end up with a photo in the newspaper of you car in a ravine eading "joy rider meets his doom."

The Bottom Hander

This consists of holding the wheel at 6 with one hand or even two fingers. If you're rocking this position, you've either been driving for 8 hours straight or have an energy disorder where you're incapable of keeping your hands up and locked.

The One Hander (Too far to the right)

Your intentions are good. You want to be too cool for school but you just aren't. It ain't you. So instead of holding the wheel at about 11, you end up with a quazi one hander hitting about 2:15. I know I know, chicks love the bad ass but be yourself kiddo.

The True One Hander (Hand at 11-12)

Oh shiiiiiit. Watch out, bad ass mother fucker coming through. Danger? That's your middle name. You don't need safety, you don't need coordination, you don't need anyone. The rules? You make your own rules. As I write this, the keys on my keyboard are running away out of fear... Fear.

The Knee

This consists of driving solely with one or two of your knees. If this is you, you're a pioneer, a maverick, a road warrior. No no I'm kidding.... You're an idiot.

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