All Your Life You are Using the Toilet Improperly Which is Bad For Your Health! Read and Learn the Right Position!

People in the past who used the nature as a toilet had no problems with hemorrhoids, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and other diseases that are commonly associated with improper seating on the toilet.

Today, commonly used toilets, due to improper seating, can cause several problems:
  1. Various diseases
According to some studies the seating position on the toilet can cause hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and many other health problems.
  1. Modern toilets are the number one cause of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids appear when a vein which is located at the lower part of the colon becomes infected, and due to long seating on the toilet.
  1. Modern toilets worsen the bowel inflammation
This way of using the toilets causes incomplete colon emptying and various inflammatory processes in the intestine.
  1. Urinary infections
The same goes for urinating in women. Bladder never empties completely and inflammation of the urinary tract can be caused.
  1. Heart attacks
Some studies have shown that there is a better chance of getting heart attack during defecation because it lasts longer and you put more effort.
  1. Menstrual problems
With this kind of seating you do not make full pressure on the pelvic muscles and part of the menstrual blood remains in the vagina and can cause appearance of staphylococci.
Solution: If you have any problems during defecation, then it is advisable to use additional chair which will make your position more natural.
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