This Can Save You From Diabetes – A Recipe For An Ancient Folk Remedy

In the fight against diabetes we suggest you include cabbage, however according to some experts cabbage juice is even more effective.
In such form,the cabbage has stronger antioxidant and anti-hyperglycemic properties, and it also regenerates the damaged pancreatic cells and it is richer in proteins, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, potassium and magnesium.

According to a survey, which was conducted in 2008, it was revealed that the cabbage juice lowers the blood glucose, and it also helps with the release of excess weight. And here in this article we will present you the recipe for this amazing and very effective cabbage juice.


Wash and chop half a kilo of fresh cabbage, put in a blender or juicer and add a quarter cup of distilled water. Mix until you get a green porridge, with bits of cabbage, and then mix this porridge at the strongest rate for about ten seconds.
Drink a glass of this magnificent and fresh juice, every day, before each meal.
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