Watch Your Teeth, They Reveal More About Your Personality Than You Realize

The next time you reveal your dazzling smile, look at yourself in a mirror.Your teeth should be as well groomed as you are. They shouldn’t be too big nor too small for your face. They also should be straight. Their shape, appearance, color and size are traits that make you different from everyone else. They give clues about your personality and attitude. Today, we’ll give you a quick and easy summary on how you to read someone’s teeth.
  1. Convex Teeth

Convex teeth signify that the person is talkative and rather noisy. They also show an aggressive person that doesn’t take no for an answer. When someone with this kind of teeth approaches you, you’ll immediately and subconsciously be alert and watchful. This kind of teeth often favor women. Convex teeth on women’s faces are only moderately convex. This is a sign of a good life.
  1. Mixed Convex & Concave Teeth

Generally described as upside down teeth, the lower parts of the teeth is convex, while the upper parts are concave. These kind of teeth signify a person who speaks well and very persuasively. But, they also show a person that lacks career luck. This person usually ends up alone and at the losing end in any competition. They lack winner’s luck and will always have to make do with coming second best.
  1. Sharp Teeth

Resembling the teeth of a mouse, these teeth are very sharp and efficient. These kind of teeth signify a very smart person, especially in the technical fields of expertise. These people tend to be mathematical and generally have a good start in life, however they may face obstacles and challenges later on.
  1. Uneven Teeth

People with uneven teeth tend to be greedy and grasping. They only think of themselves. These people are bullies, with their thought patterns and actions “unsynchronized”. They can be hot tempered and as a result, they can have relationship problems. They lack romantic luck. These people should learn to control their emotions to create a better and happier life.
  1. Concave Teeth
These kind of teeth could signalize inheritance of a genetic disease.
  1. More Gum than Teeth

People with this kind of teeth lack in relationship luck, especially with their family. These people are likely to leave their family when they’re young. These people are closer to their friends than to their relatives. According to physiognomy, someone with uneven oral structure should not be trusted.
  1. Gang Tooth or Snaggletooth

These people are proactive at work, always thinking up new ideas and demonstrating plenty of initiative. They’re also passionate and forthright. They have a good sense of public relations and have plenty of social skills. On the other hand, these people can be stubborn,argumentative and quarrelsome.
  1. Very Tiny and Neat Teeth

People with small teeth tend to be very stingy. To them, money is everything. They’re easily motivated by the promise of a cash reward. These people are prone to jealousy and don’t trust others easily. A gap in the front teeth signifies an inability to save money.
  1. Unbalanced Appearance of Face & Teeth

When the face seems too small and the teeth seem too big, indicates many obstacles in life. Some even think that women with this kind of teeth cause problems for the husbands.
  1. Neat but Uneven Teeth Structure

People with this kind of teeth are the ones who like to tease or fool around, believing this makes people happy. However, in most situations, they cause annoyance. This kind of teeth also signifies a bad relationship with the parents.
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