Ahh, sweet potato. This is really one of our favorite ingredients when it comes to cooking and one of the best foods for a multitude of health reasons. It’s important to not confuse these potatoes with their less healthy relatives. Those potatoes are usually found mashed, fried, or drowning in butter. You won’t find any of that here.

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Recipes

Here our 10 creative ways to get the most of this tubular tuber (the recipes are much better than our puns, promise).
Baked Potato Fries With Cashew Mayo
This classic sweet potato skips the heavy frying and oils, but is still delicious. Not to mention the delicious cashew mayo! Store bought condiments are loaded with sugar and preservatives that may taste great but are harmful to your health. Making you own is easy, and still really tasty!
Sweet Potato And Apple Kugel
Pronounced Koo-gel, this dish is a staple at many Jewish holiday dinners. This recipe still includes all the love and care of the original, without the calorie laden sour cream or added sugars. Not to mention, full of antioxidants from the added goji berries.
Who says you need meat to make a mean burrito? This burrito packs a punch with flavor, so much so that you won’t notice any missing animal protein. But don’t be fooled, the beans offer a lot of protein themselves, perfect for vegetarians or vegans.
Sweet Potato Salad
While grilling season is over and you’re more likely to eat wrapped up in a blanket than on a picnic blanket, this potato salad is good any time of year. Most potato salads are creamy, high calorie messes that drown out the flavors of the ingredients, this potato salad is light, sweet, and tangy.
Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Aww gnocchi, that starch-filled comfort food from Italy. While it is delicious, this dish is traditionally made with white potatoes and covered in cream sauce. Not exactly the best for your body, but this version is lighter on your gut, but still comes with a creamy raw cashew sauce. Delicious!
Gluten Free Sweet Potato And Strawberry Muffins
These muffins are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth, any time of the day! This gluten free recipe is low glycemic and packed with a whole bunch of health benefits making it all to easy to eat it without feeling guilty.
Chocolate And Black Bean Brownies
You read that right. Chocolate, beans, and sweet potatoes combine together to make this delicious dessert recipe. And don’t fear the bean, it works perfectly here and you don’t even notice the flavor.
Sweet Potato Knishes
Traditional knishes are filled with white flour, white potatoes, sour cream, and fried onions. This version is infinitely healthier, but without skimping on the flavor. This savoury snack is easy to make, and filled with whole food goodness.
Sweet Potato And Zucchini Pancakes
While the recipe does say pancake, it isn’t your typical breakfast pancake. This is more of the latke variety. This recipe is filled with some of our favorite ingredients, like beta-carotene packed carrots and coconut oil. You’ll be as much of a fan of these as we are, promise!
Buckwheat Sweet Potato Burgers
Ahh, the classic burger. While many of us have had a burger before, we know that it isn’t the best thing for you. Get nostalgic with this healthy interpretation of a childhood favorite and get all the memories without the calories!
All of these recipes make great use of the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory vegetable that is the sweet potato! Try these recipes or mix them up and make them your own!
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