100 Horses Are Stuck Helpess On This Island, Until A Group Of Women Do The UNTHINKABLE

Imagine 100 horses helplessly stranded on an island.

This was the case in 2006 on an island in the Netherlands. A big storm brought seawater into the wilderness area where the horses were. Nineteen horses did not survive. The remaining horses ended up stranded on a small island of land for three days. While news became widespread regarding the plight of the stranded horses, rescue attempts did not prove successful. The key was to try and lure the horses back into the water so they would head to the safe land area. But how do you lure horses back into the water they just got out of? Time was running out as another storm was now on it’s way.
Then came the post on a horse forum: “Horses and riders sought… Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water.”
The post received 7 responses. Susan, Christina, Micky, Hinke, Antje, and Fardow were the 7 fearless female riders who offered their services to save 100 stranded horses. The incredible video below reveals how these amazing women did what many thought was not possible.
The horses were very weak after being stranded for three days.
None of the rescue attempts were successful. A post was made on a horse forum requesting experienced riders with horses and no fear of water.

Norma Miedema would not give up and started the Netherlands Horse Rescue.

The women responders showed up the next day, risking their lives to save the horses.

The women were honored for their incredible courage and bravery.
The very last horse is escorted to safe ground.
This incredible rescue effort will never be forgotten.
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