11-Year-Old Sacrifices Himself To Save His Beloved Sister

NCREDIBLE – 11-Year-Old Sacrifices Himself In Order To Save His Sister

It is a tragedy that has taken this faint and quiet community by storm.  La’Darious Wylie will always be remembered by all who knew him as “a wonderful son, brother, and student.”
He was the third of seven children, and was always very protective of his family. This he proved when he gave his own life to protect his little sister, Sha’Vonta, from impending doom.  The 11-year-old proved how much when he gave his life for his little sister Sha’Vonta, 7. A car was uncontrollably speeding towards them while they were waiting at their bus stop in Chester, S.C, last Tuesday,

His sister was not aware of the situation, but La’Darious was. He lunged, pushed his sister out of the way, and received the full impact of the crash in front of many other school children.
The driver was later identified as Michelle Johnson. She fled the scene of the crime, she sped off before Sha’Vonta had the opportunity to pick herself up from the ground. Johnson, 57, is being charged with a felony hit and run and is facing up to 25 years in prison. A comment is yet to be made on behalf of Michelle Johnson.
“She donated his organs [so that] her son could save another child’s life,” Robinson wrote on aGoFundMe memorial page 
Article: Yahoo
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