90-Year-Old Veteran Given Lost Love Letter He Wrote His Wife 70 Years Ago

Love Letter Returned To Veteran After 70 Years

90-Year-Old WWII Veteran Bill Moore was given a letter that he had written to his now late wife Bernadean of 30 years. A woman had discovered the letter in an old record which she had bought from a thrift store in Aurora, Colorado.
Moor’s daughter, Melinda, tells in an interview with ABC7 about the letter:
“I read it for my daughter last night. It really hit me that we were seeing the true depth of my parents love that, as children, we knew was there, but you don’t hear it. Their love sets such a beautiful example of what life can be.”

The letter reads,
My darling, lovable, alluring Bernadean. I ran out of space, but I could have written a lot more adjectives describing you. You are so lovely, darling, that I often wonder how it is possible that you are mine…. I’m really the luckiest guy in the world, you know, and you are the reason. Even your name sounds lovely to me.”

Article/Video: ABC 7
We would like to Honor veterans like Bill Moore for putting you lives on the line to protect and serve our country. God bless you all for your bravery!
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