A Must Try ‘Age Elixir’ : This Miraculous Elixir Will Keep You Young Forever!

Today we will present you a unique recipe invented by an oncologist and it is successfully included in treatments of the most dangerous diseases in today’s world. It will also help you look vibrant, healthy, and young. Here’s what you need to make this handy ‘Age Elixir’:

Ingredients needed:
  • 10 cloves of garlic
  • Juice of 10 lemons
  • 1 kg of organic honey
Method of preparation:
  • Chop the cloves of garlic into small pieces and mix them together with honey and lemon juice.
  • Transfer the resulting mixture in a clean glass jar and let it stand still for 8-10 days.
Consumption instructions:
  • After the concoction has stayed for enough time, consume 1 teaspoon of the remedy early in the morning on an empty stomach and another one before your last meal.
Tibetan medicine recognizes this mixture as an elixir which successfully slows the aging process. Since these ingredients are easily available and cheap, do not hesitate to try this recipe!
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