Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Dumped At Shelter Because Of His Imperfections

When this Pit Bull puppy’s owners dropped him off at the shelter they told the staff they didn’t care if he got put down. Blind in one eye and with some imperfections, the puppy was discarded because he did not fit the “norm”. But one rescue is determined to find him a home.

Meet Captain Morgan. The puppy was left at a rural high-kill shelter in Lee County, North Carolina.

He was only a few weeks old and was most likely dumped because he was blind in one eye and had a half-formed ear.

When Nicole Horabik, foster coordinator at Cause for Paws, saw an adoption post for the puppy put up by Lee County Animal Services, she knew she needed to rescue him.

She named him Captain Morgan and shared the 8-week-old puppy’s story on Facebook. Her picture of Captain Morgan next to a sign that reads, “I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect” was shared by her friends and supporters.

It turns out that Captain Morgan also has a slight under bite and herniated belly, but he is in otherwise good health.

Nicole says that the puppy gets along really well with her other dogs. They too have special needs. One is blind and the other has three legs. But Nicole thinks they are all perfect.

If you are interested in adopting Captain Morgan and finding out more about Cause for Paws visit their website.
Please share Captain Morgan’s story with your friends and help find this special pup a home.

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