Autistic Boy Has A Fear Of Haircuts. Watch What This Barber Does To Help Him Overcome It

Haircuts are often difficult and sometimes painful for children with autism because of sensory overload

Little Mason has a fear of haircuts, and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder just a few months ago.  A barber from Wales, James Williams, had been struggling to figure out a way to cut Mason’s hair for over a month, but with no luck.

“But today,” he said, “I finally achieved it.”

The difficulty was due to Mason never wanted to allow James or any other barber to get close to his ears and would always run away. But one day, he decided to try something new.  He laid Mason on the floor, and let him play with a phone. Eureka! It worked.  Mason was finally able to receive a proper haircut.
James Williams / Facebook
James wrote on Facebook:
“We both layed on the floor in silence & he allowed me to cut away & give him his first proper haircut, again achieving something in a job I love making both parents happy by giving extra attention to mason by building a friendship at trust with Mason & myself.”

After Mason finally completed his first successful haircut, much to the joy of his onlooking family I may add… Williams told Mason to give him a high five. Much to see delight, Mason himself was so pleased that he gave James a hug instead.
The photos of James cutting Mason’s hair have went viral on Facebook and seen over thousands of times. This goes to show that just because something is difficult, you should try different things to reach your end goal. Because in the end you will get the best reward: making a kid truly happy, and the icing on the cake? A warm hug filled with love.
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