George Cairns is a man who was faced with an impossible choice. He was told by doctors that his cancer would kill him. George had to decide if he would simply give in to his disease or if he would do something about it, if he would fight. This is the story of how George Cairns took back his life, and how he helped others fight back.

Government numbers have shown that the rate of cancer deaths have not changed in the last decade. Each week, 10,000 people die from cancer. The most common and recommended treatment, chemotherapy, only helps about 10% of patients. Doctors are given many options when it comes to treating patients.
3 years ago, George was stricken with cancer. When he was, essentially, on his deathbed he had a sudden epiphany. He was filled with this incredible desire to heal himself using dandelion root instead of conventional medicine. As soon as he was able to get up, he immediately dug up some roots and began preparing the dandelion.
It took him about a week to finish preparing it, and once it was done he immediately took it. After three weeks, the pain in his side and back had gone and his bowels had improved, Five and a half months later, doctors could not find cancer anywhere in his body.

Sharing His Secret

George immediately wanted to share this great healing power, and he wanted to share this knowledge for free. When he told doctors, they simply smiled and patronized him. Finally, he told a friend about his discovery who knew someone that was dying of lung cancer. This person was given only 4 to 6 weeks to live.
After being on the dandelion root powder for 6 weeks, this individual was up and about after being bed ridden. He went to the hospital and the doctors performed a CAT scan on him. They found no cancer lesions on either of his lungs and proclaimed it a miracle.
After that, George put out an ad in the Northwest Herald offering this cure to people for free. Eventually word began to spread and people were using this cure to heal cancers among other illnesses.
Dandelion root has been found to be effective for prostate, colon, breast, liver and best of all with lung cancer. Five people have taken it for lung cancer and all five have been cured once.
The immune system controls the cancer cells in your body.
As long as the immune system is healthy, you don’t usually have a cancer problem. When your immune system gets run down, it loses control of the cancer cells, and they start eating live cells and this is what they call cancer. This powder made from dandelion root has something in it that builds up the blood and the immune system.
When the immune system is built up so far, it gets back control of cancer cells, and they do an about face and start cleaning up the mess they’ve made This is why you must have a fair appetite because your body must build itself up and be healthy if your immune system is going to be strong.
This cure will not work for people who have lost their appetite or are on chemo. Chemotherapy ruins your appetite and immune system, which are the two things you need for this treatment to work.

How To Prepare The Dandelion Root

George is adamant about how to prepare the dandelion root though. There is a certain way to prepare the root, and only this way makes it able to combat cancer.
First you need to collect the seed, which are at the base of the white fluffy crown that appears after the yellow flowers have matured. These seeds can be picked in May and June and they need to be frozen immediately before planting. When August comes around, turn up the soil you plant them in, spread the seeds, and rake them into the soil. Water lightly daily.
In October you can begin to start digging up the roots, which will be about an inch in diameter. Shake off most of the dirt, but not all of it. Slice the bigger roots lengthwise about ¼ of an inch so they dry evenly.
To dry them, use a forced-air incubator without any water in it. Set the incubator at 100 degrees or a little less. It takes about 5 days until they are ready to grind. You can use a dehydrator set around 100 degrees. If it doesn’t have settings, don’t use it. You can also dry in the sun if you put them in something the wind can blow through, like a small potato or onion sack.
Hang them in the sun but take them down in late afternoon and put them in a plastic sack and tie it. If you don’t they will pick up moisture and you will be back where you started. Then put them out the next day when the sun is up. Once you have heat in the house, it’s no trouble as they will dry OK most anywhere there is heat, like near a register or stove. The excess dirt will pop off as they dry.
When you make powder, try not to lose anything. Pound the roots flat, then put in an electric coffee grinder for 25 seconds and you have powder. You can also keep pounding and crumbling until you have it the right fineness. George also recommends using a cast iron pestle and mortar. With this you can get it down as fine as you wish.
To store, put in an air-tight jar and fill as near to the top as possible. I’ve kept it 10 months this way. Also, keep in a dry place.
And there you have it. One man’s journey to self healing through the power of mother nature has given hope to many suffering from deadly illnesses. This is surely something that everyone should be made aware of, because when it comes to your health no stone – or root – should be left unturned.
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