Fluoride Is Now Listed In 'The Lancet' (Medical Journal) As Being A Neurotoxic Poison -

After many years of campaigning by those who already real-eyes-ed the toxic potential of 'fluoride' and the crime against world health that has been perpetrated by forced fluoridation of our waters - the oldest and most known 'scientific' medical journal - the lancet, has recently published a paper which documents the neurotoxic / poisonous reality of fluoride and other industrial chemicals.

despite the criminal activities of establishment hierarchies - claiming that fluoride is 'safe' and 'healthy' for decades - the denied and suppressed research was always being done and the toxic health effects of fluoride was known for decades. so this clearly amounts to a 'soft war' of suppression being waged against the majority, by the few.

toxic effects of fluoride include cellular damage to brain and neurological pathway deficiencies (equating to drops in IQ and overall loss of healthy evolution of the life form), plus direct cell death if exposure is high enough. thus the effect of fluoride is far from health giving - the effects are anti-life.
if this were not enough, the so-called 'fluoride' that is to be found in water and dental products is often not even true fluoride, since the chemical that has actually been used for many years is a toxic waste material from fertiliser and even nuclear industrial activity - which would be challenging and expensive to dispose of - if it were not being sold to so many government agencies and water processing groups to be inserted into your water and body!

despite this, even now, many are still PAYING to buy so-called 'fluoride' and not so long ago a judge in 'the area commonly known as england' 'ruled' that the people there did not have the 'right' to determine whether fluoride is added to their water or not. this raises the issue of who exactly 'owns' the water? the answer to that is in our hearts - no-one OWNS the waters, since we ARE the waters - any attempt to own, control and 'sell' the waters to each other is a direct act of denial and slavery.

for more information, links and documentaries on this topic, i invite you to view the ureka.org fluoride katalist, here.

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