I Thought It Was Just A Bad Flu. At the ER, the Doctor Asks Me If I’d Been Eating Grapes

Her Doctor Said She Got E.Coli From A Rather “Common” Source

Blogger from IJ. Review had a run-in with a very specific type of food poisoning and it’s important for all of us to raise an ear, so that we may not get involved with this sickness!
As I was standing in church, trying hard to listen to Fr. Jack’s homily, a sharp pain shot through my stomach and I felt like I was about to get sick.
“Oh no,” I thought. “I’m coming down with the flu!”
I felt nauseous, fatigued and could barely eat — I was convinced I had some 24 hour bug that would be gone by the next morning, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
After becoming violently ill, I went to urgent care the next day and my doctor delivered some pretty alarming news.
E. coli?! This had to be a mistake. When the doctor asked what I’d eaten in the past few days, I wracked my brain and rattled off the usual foods I eat on a daily basis:
“Grapes, chicken, salad… I’m a fairly healthy eater,” I explained.
After X-rays confirmed my colon was severely inflamed, the doctor blankly stared at me and said I was indeed a prime target for an E. coli infection.
The doctor then, after testing, concluded the source of the blogger’s illness. The blogger had been eating contaminated grapes for days.

The Facts

Accroding to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention about one in every six people, or an estimated 48 million, gets ill from eating contaminated food every year.
Medical experts say 200,000 to 800,000 cases of food poisoning in America. Even scarier than that is that 1/3 of these cases originate with our produce

What You Can Do – Easy Preventions

The FDA advises us to thoroughly wash any type of produce under running water before consuming it, however, sometimes that’s not enough.
A more natural alternative -and more safer- to clean your produce is by rinsing them in vinegar and lemon juice.
The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests a combination of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and water to wash your produce. This will increase your chances of ridding your produce of Salmonella.
After lots of water, rest and avoiding fruits, meat and vegetables for a week, I’m finally “me” again.
Article: IJ. Review
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