Incredible “Butterfly Boy’s” Message Will Leave You In Tears...

With A Life Expectancy Of Just 25 Years, He’s Determined To Live Life To The Fullest

At just 14 years of age, Jonathan Pitre from Russell Canada has experienced enough pain to last a thousand lives. He experiences a severe case of Epidermolysis Bullosa, a condition that erodes his skin and leaves it with blisters that tear at the slightest touch. He is in constant pain from all the cuts and blisters that are almost indistinguishable from 3rd degree burns. The condition has taken control of about 90% of his body.
Children with EB are known as ‘Butterfly Children’ because their skin is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings. The doctors say that his life expectancy is that of 25 years old, but with the help of God, Jonathan is living his life to the fullest.
Warning: The Video Below Has Painful Content That May Be Hard To Watch

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