ISIS Threatens New York City In A New Propaganda Video

ISIS Sets Their Target On New York City

A newly surfaced ISIS propaganda video is threatening the lives of those who live in New York City. Although brief, the video shows Manhattan streets that inlcude Times Square and Herald Square. The images in the video are spliced between clipos of suicide bombers preparing bombs, and images of New York City. An ISIS soldier is then seen holding an explosive trigger as the screen goes black.
French President François Hollande then appears on screen, giving a speech in which he calls the Paris attacks “horrible”.
The words: “And what’s coming next will be far worse and more bitter.”, are then flashed on the screen.
“We are aware of the newly released ISIS video that mentions Times Square,” NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald said in a statement.
“While some of the video footage is not new, the video reaffirms the message that New York City remains a top terrorist target. While there is no current or specific threat to the City at this time, we will remain at a heightened state of vigilance and will continue to work with the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the entire intelligence community to keep the City of New York safe.”
 Article: NY Post
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