Military “Hug Lady” Becomes Extremely Ill – Soldiers Flock To Her Bedside

Soldiers Visit The “Hug Lady” To Show Some Appreciation And Love

Elizabeth Laird, known as the “Hug Lady”, has made it her mission to hug every Fort Hood soldier that went off to war and came back. For years now she has been a stample of patriotism in the U.S. However this year, it is the military personnel that are returning the hugs, as she battles a serious illness.
As USA Today reports, Laird is now too sick to be where she wanted to be Wednesday: The Veterans Dayparade in Killeen.
“The hug lady was very inspirational in my first deployment to Afghanistan; she touched my heart. One American impacting so many lives.” –  Retired Army Capt. Caren Adkins
Elizabeth Laird has refused chemotherapy and radiation treatments for her breast cancer. One that has evolved into a very serious complication. She is choosing to battle the sickness with prayer and God.

Video: USA Today
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