NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Complete Darkness In November 2015

15 days of total darkness between November 15 and 29 await the Earth, according to NASA.
Astronomers from NASA have confirmed that the world will be in complete darkness from Sunday, November 15 to Monday, November 30. The darkness will occur from 3:00 AM on the 15th and will end at 4:45 PM on the 30th. The cause is an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter. Charles Bolden, head of NASA appointed by the president of the USA, Barack Obama, has issued a massive 1000 page document explaining the event.
Bolden attended a conference with the resident to discuss the blackout event. According to him, we won’t experience any major changes except for a slight (5-6 c) increase in temperature. The polar cap will, however, be affected. The event is compared to what Alaskan people experience during the winter. The only real effect we will have is that everyone gets a true Black Friday, joked Bolden.
However, fifteen days of total darkness is a long way to go, and one can only wonder what will happen in that time!
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