According to ancient Chinese medicine, skin, as the largest organ, may be the first indication to results of bad habits and disease on specific organs...

If you notice any of these changes on the face, it is time to find the cause and solve the problem!

Forehead – bladder and small intestine
Changes: Acne and oily skin
Causes: Consuming too oily foods that cause slow digestion, too much alcohol, sugar and stress.

Between the eye brows – Liver
Changes: Acne and oily skin
Causes:  Enhanced operation of the stomach due to poor digestion, too much red meat and/or allergy to some ingredients in the food you consume.

Eyes and under the eyes – Kidneys
Changes: Dark skin, capillaries, grayness, swelling
Causes: Smoking, too much alcohol, bad blood circulation, heart upsets

Nose – Heart
Changes: Acne, spots, oily skin
Causes: Staying for too long indoors, air pollution, gases, bloating, poor circulation, high blood pressure.

Cheeks – Lungs and kidneys
Changes: Paleness, acne, spots
Causes: Smoking, too much stress, consuming food of bad quality, too much sugar intake

Lips and chin – Stomach
Changes: Acne, dark spots, skin paleness
Causes: Consuming fatty foods, too much sugar intake, caffeine and alcohol, lack of sleep, stress.
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