Russian Pediatrician Advises: When a Child Has A Runny Nose, Put One Drop From This Elixir in Their Nose! (RECIPE)

This elixir destroys bacteria and viruses and it is also used for curing sinuses inflammation.

The professor Tatjana Garascenko, a Moscow pediatrician-otolaryngologist,  advises parents to help their children with the help of a simple, natural product:

Onion elixir

Squeeze one drop of onion and add 5 drops of water (previously boiled and cooled off). In order to make the onion juice you need a cleansed, smashed bulb and afterwards you need to strain the juice. Put one to two drops in each nostril of the child, especially if the cold has been lasting for too long.  You can do this 1 to 3 times per day. If the child refuses drops from a dropper, use a pack from a nose spray or soak a cotton wall into the mixture and push it gently into the child’s nose, squeeze the elixir out and then remove it.
Dr. Tatjana Garascenko stated that this vast mucus release from the nose should not intimidate parents: in this way even sinus inflammation is cured. An active cleansing of the nose, which cleanses itself from bacteria and viruses takes place.
The extracts from onion are rich in phenol components. The phenols and polyphenols from different plants are usually considered a group of compounds with antimicrobic effect. Moreover, onion is considered to have the richest source of flavonoids in human nutrition. It has antioxidant properties which depend on the content of the phenol components flavonoids, and it lowers from the external tunica toward the inner.
Quercetin, a component of flavonoids, is intensively being studied since it has been shown to deactivate some substances that encourage tumor growth. Research showed that when this component is combined with vitamin C, it can have a fantastic antiviral effect. Their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant effect has been proven as well. The bioactive components of onion also showed antibacterial and antifungal properties. Moreover, it is especially helpful in preventing inflammatory reactions that lead to allergies and asthma, and therefore it is recommended to persons suffering from throat inflammation and bronchitis.
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