Scientists Have Just Told Women To STOP Wearing Bras. Here’s Why.

October 13th is National No Bra Day, a day when women are encouraged to NOT wear their bra. Perhaps those who invented the day, in order to promote breast cancer awareness and help raise money for research, knew they could better attract attention by asking women to ditch their brassiere. But, who knew that not wearing a bra could actually be better for our breasts? 


Bras are intended to keep women “in place” and if you’re an active woman with large breasts, this can be a good thing. It’s hard to move around when every move that you make is emphasized by your breasts’ corresponding movements. However, according to sport science researcher Jean-Denis Rouillion, a professor at the University of Franche-Comte in the town of Besancon- and his 15 year study of the effect of bras on 330 women between the ages of 18-35 years- wearing a bra from early age did nothing to support the chest, reduce back pain or prevent premature sagging.“Medically, physiologically, anatomically, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.” Oh no!
Researchers now believe that we lack the ability to develop supportive breast tissue when we wear a bra and that without one we would gain more tone to support our breasts. The women who stopped wearing bras during this study had a 7-millimeter lift in their nipples when compared to a regular bra user. Yay! It seems that we do have some control over the way our breasts look over time. They claim that bras could also hamper circulation and reduce the overall tone of our breasts.
“For younger women, not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast,” said Dr. Stafford Broumand.
However, women wear bras for other reasons besides just for reducing the sagging of their breasts. They are mostly worn to keep our breasts from moving around.  Society views bras as an important article of clothing however, it appears that this is to our detriment and that maybe we should just reconsider burning them!
Again, see the links on how some believe bras cause breast cancer. No wonder there has been such a huge leap in the last 1oo  years and in a few years CNN explains studies that predict 1 in 2 women will great breast cancer.
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