Teenager Ordered 100 Burgers At McDonalds And Then Did This! Unbelievable!

One thing many people take for granted is just how aware teenagers these days can be.

Thanks to the internet, social media and a plethora of other sources, it’s never been easier for them to get connected to the rest of humanity. But what do they do with it? These teens decided to go away from the teenage norm of status updates and cryptic Tweets, and instead decided to give something back.
These conscious kids ended up heading to McDonald’s and ordered 100 McDoubles; figuring it was part of a prank or some other type of teenage antic, they were at first denied. But eventually the skeptical employees saw that there was no joke, no secret cameras coming out to film their flustered reactions as the teens walk away after the food is made. No, these kids decided to take those burgers and pass them out to the local homeless populous.
You can see the difference something so simple as a cheeseburger can make to those living on the street from the reactions the kids receive, and it’s one of the most heartwarming things to see. What a great video to get your Sunday going right! Pass it on, and never forget doing something nice, big or small can have a bigger impact then you think.
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