Turmeric has been touted as the best spice for your body. It is anti-inflammatory, it fights cancer, and it protects your heart. It’s also very versatile and can be used in so many different dishes, in fact it is a staple in many Asian cuisines. But is eating it the best way to get all of its benefits?

There are hundreds of recipes on how to use turmeric in your cooking. It can be as intricate as making a full blown curry dish, or simply mixing it into some cooked quinoa to bump up its natural, nutty flavor. The single, best way to consumer turmeric? Drinking it with a little bit of healthy fats.

Get The Good Stuff

Let’s start from the beginning. Our body absorbs nutrients from our food through the small intestine, but before that it has to make it past our stomach. The active component in turmeric, known as curcumin, is fat soluble which means it dissolves in fat. If you consume turmeric without some healthy fats, it will have trouble passing through your stomach.
This is important because if it can’t pass through our stomach, it can’t make it into our intestines and then into our bloodstream. It’s also important to mention that our bodies are much better at absorbing and passing liquids through faster than solids. So when you need a quick hit of turmeric, drinking it is always the way to go.

7 Turmeric Recipes

Now that we know the exact best way to get the best out of your turmeric, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tasty recipes to get it in you as often as you can, without getting bored.
Creamy Curried Coconut Soup
The healthy fat here comes in the form of extra virgin olive oil and coconut milk. Packed full of heart healthy omega-3s, this soup is a great way to get the best turmeric has to offer, plus it will keep you full and satisfied. We recommend replacing the kosher salt with pink Himalayan salt for even more health benefits.
Superfood Morning Smoothie
Need to get a quick fix of amazing superfoods, but don’t have the time in the morning? Problem solved! This smoothie is packed with great ingredients, including the ever popular kale. This particular recipe doesn’t call for turmeric, but a pinch of it in this smoothie will be masked by all the other flavors, but the benefits will still be there. The healthy fats? Almond butter and flax oil.
Turmeric and Ginger Tea
These two spices are cousins, which explains why they work so well together and are both packed with amazing health benefits. Turmeric and ginger work to combat and protect you in similar and different ways, covering all angles. We recommend swapping out the soy milk with coconut milk for the healthy fat.
Turmeric and Avocado Smoothie
Now, before you skip over this recipe, give it a try. The blueberries in this recipe work great with the avocado, which gives this smoothie its amazing velvety texture. The avocado is full of healthy fats that will supercharge the turmeric and makes it a great anytime snack.
Golden Milk Tea
This tea is honestly amazing. Warming, creamy, healthy, and delicious, this tea seems to have it all and it really delivers. One of the more popular turmeric drink recipes, there are different variations of it. Our favorite way is using coconut milk, we just love the taste and the healthy fats.
Carrot Turmeric Smoothie
Another recipe packed with superfoods, this smoothie is anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, and boosts your immune system. We prefer coconut milk here again, but nut milk is just as tasty, up to you. This is definitely one of our favorites.
Carrot Ginger and Turmeric Soup (With Cumin Roasted Chickpeas!)
We decided to end this list with a real treat. This soup contains beta-carotene to fight cancer, curcumin to fight inflammation, and it tastes really, really, good. The roasted chickpeas are also a great touch and just boost the flavor of the soup. We recommend using coconut oil to compliment the other flavors, but avocado oil works great here too.
All of these recipes are delicious and easy ways to work turmeric and healthy fats into your diet every day. Try them out today, we promise you won’t regret it!
NOTE: Some of these recipes were taken from other websites that offer a lot of great recipes for you to try and make your own. Check them out for yourself and enjoy!
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