The Truth Behind Detox Baths and Why You Should Be Taking More of Them

When you embark on a healing diet there are so many pieces!  I recently realized, after years of intentional protocol, that I was missing an important piece: DETOX BATHS.

How did I miss this one?  I’d been taking them occasionally.  But in reviewing GAPS guidelines from the GAPS website, I was able to glean many insights that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride does include in her book but either they aren’t emphasized or more poignantly, I missed them.

(The first few times you read and refer to the GAPS book there is A LOT to take in, just in terms of implementing the diet.  And it’s a crazy phenomenon that so many of us are basing years of healing on one book, without perhaps the added help of a knowledgeable practitioner. You can do the GAPS Diet alone, in a box; but you’ll likely miss a few key ingredients for optimum healing.)

For me, detoxification baths were at the top of the list.

Since that time, about 2-3 months ago, I have dutifully been soaking and I’d like to share with you my wizened, raisiny (think fingertips) insights, lol!

Of course, these baths are not just for those on the GAPS Diet. I mention GAPS as part of my personal story. However, any healing that needs to happen, and whatever diet you are on, will be benefited by detox baths.
{I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. Consult a physician before commencing any new supplements or healing protocol. This article contains affiliate links from which I earn a teeny commission, with no up charge to the consumer.}


  • Buy BAKING SODA in bulk from Costco or some other supplier.  You’ll use 1-3 cups of the healing powder in every bath. Use 1 cup for children and 3 cups for adults.  Baking soda is an anti-fungal with cleansing properties. It helps your skin to have the proper pH as well as helping your whole body to detoxify.


  • Buy Epsom Salt or Mineral Sea Salt. They are very inexpensive and rich in magnesium, great for detoxification, bone, tissue and joint health. Children under 60 lbs. should use 1/2 cup for a standard size bath.  Those weighing between 60 and 100 lbs. can add a full cup.  Adults and those weighing over 100 lbs. can add 2 cups or more to their bath.


  • Find a source you like for LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL.  Its added benefits make it an essential ingredient: relaxing, headache healing, antibacterial, anti-itch.  If your emphasis is just detoxification, not necessarily headache or stress relief, clove essential oil is recommended. 3-4 drops of either essential oil, depending on your bath size.


  • Carve out 40 minutes for yourself 3-4 times per week!  I like to do this in the evening.  It’s good alone, me-time that I wouldn’t otherwise get- great for rejuvenating one’s spirit, as well as healing one’s body.  And, if you use salts in your bath, the magnesium helps many to sleep more soundly. I find it relaxes even my mind, which helps me get to sleep.
  • Also, on a mama note for those of you with little ones, I love to let my littlest guy crawl in with me when the water cools down a bit. He relishes alone time with me and this way he gets the detox bath too.


I like to dry brush before taking my bath. But if I’ve already dry brushed in the morning and I’m bathing at night I do not dry brush twice in one day.

Dr. NCM recommends rotating your bath ingredients. This way we reduce the likelihood of acquiring a sensitivity to a certain product and we derive the full variety of benefits offered by the different healing ingredient options.

Two ingredients I haven’t yet mentioned that are also wonderful for detoxification are apple cider vinegar and seaweed.  If you use ACV put 1 cup in your bathwater, for standard size tubs; or use 1/2 cup for children. With seaweed, there are a couple varieties recommended: The Seaweed Bath Company and Aalgo Organic Seaweed Bath. Use 2 T. in children’s bathwater and 4 for adults.

A 40 minute soak is universally suggested. 20 minutes of the hottest bathwater that is comfortable helps pull toxins to the surface of the skin. As the water cools, the final 20 minutes serve to expel the toxins out through the skin.

When you are done bathing drink water according to your thirst, to help with flushing out toxins. If you are tired, rest. Your body has worked hard to detoxify and you may feel it.

If I take a bath before noon I’ll sometimes lay down on my grounding sheet for 20 minutes after my bath, to rest and become rejuvenated again.


Detoxification baths can be a daily ritual or can be done as seldom as 3 times a week, for optimum benefits to be derived. I usually add two of the above ingredient options to each bath. For me, baking soda and lavender essential are staples, the ingredients I use most often. 

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