Sciatica is pain caused by irritation or compression of sciatic nerve and affects the hips, outer legs, and the back. Physical health and posture are the common triggers, and doctors recommend anti-inflammatory drugs as well as exercising. Anti-inflammatory drugs may have unwanted side effects and for that reason it is important for you not to rely on them too much, instead, you should look for natural options, along with regular stretching and exercise. These herbs may help remove pain instantly and naturally:

  • Garlic – it has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation. If you are not keen on fresh garlic cloves, you can opt for garlic salt or garlic powder.
  • John’s Wort Oil – it is generally used for treating headaches, moderate pain, and for boosting the immune system due to its antibacterial, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it can support regeneration of nerve tissue. It is available in the form of capsule or liquid.
  • Turmeric – it is loaded in antioxidants and has also anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in treating headaches, digestive distress and high cholesterol, as well as boost metabolism and immune system, and prevents sciatica pain. You can mix it with a bit of water and olive oil to make a paste which could be used topically.
  • Jamaican Dogwood – it originates from the bark of the dogwood tree as can be used in pill or herbal supplement. Notice: pregnant women and lactating women must not use it.
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