What Happens When You Put A Used Tea Bag On Your Wrist...

Factrider.com | Tea is second only to water for ranking among the top consumed beverages in the world. According to a website, it is present in almost 80% of all U.S. households.  It is by far the most versatile drink being served hot, cold, iced, plain, with add-ins, on all occasions, anytime, anywhere and anyplace…

What Happens When You Put A Used Tea Bag On Your Wrist
All that tea drinking adds up to tons of additional waste being dumped into landfills every year.  However, as this video shows, there are lots of additional uses that used tea bags can be put to.
Tea bags can be useful after dipping in the cup. You can use them for so many other purposes like to treat your skin affect by sunburn, bruises, mosquito bites, and cold sores. Tea bags can remove dark circles and also relax your tired, puffy eyes so never throw them again.
Dry bags can be placed overnight inside of smelly shoes to deodorize and absorb any moisture.  Tea’s deodorizing aspects also work just as well in the refrigerator.  All it takes is a few bags placed inside and you can skip the baking soda for good.  Try throwing a few brewed bags in the sink with dirty dishes and leave them to soak overnight, and when you wash them the next day, the grease should come off easily.  The last video tip deals with keeping your house bug and rodent free by strategically placing tea bags in cupboards, the pantry, and corners.  Minty teas work best because mice and bugs hate the smell.
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