Woman Takes Her Giant Horse Out For An Evening Walk In The Neighborhood

It’s not every day you see this in a suburban neighborhood! Carol Whitaker is taking an evening walk around a cul de sac with her magnificent Friesian stallion, Apollo by her side. When he neighs at 0:37, I think he’s telling Carol he’s enjoying the stroll. Carol agrees and writes, “Apollo loved every minute of our little outing!”

She adds, “Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the good Lord above for my magnificent stallion, Apollo. He has a heart of gold! He’s the most charismatic, fun, loving, respectful horse I’ve ever known. People that meet him are in awe that he’s a stallion because he’s such a gentle giant who absolutely loves to show off! He’s extremely powerful, yet he is always a perfect gentleman on the ground and under saddle.”

It’s no wonder he has been awarded Grand Champion in-hand and show driving in the Netherlands, US & Canada. How cool would it be to meet Apollo when out for a walk? Share this cool video with your family and friends!

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