Dates are one of the most under-rated dry fruit. People talk a lot about the health benefits of almond or chew nuts, but not much about dates. You will be amazed to know what benefits you will gain once you start eating dates.

Let’s see in detail the health benefits you get by just eating 3 dates in a day

A Lot of Nutrient

The date is a rich source of a lot of nutrients which our body requires to stay healthy. It consists of potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, fiber and vitamin B-6. So, if you will start eating 3 dates a day then there is no need poop up addition supplements for vitamins.

Boost Digestion Process

Dates work well to improve the digestion process. It is a perfect solution to treat issues like GI problem, constipation and IBS. Fiber is the important component of dates which are not only beneficial for digestion improvement but also prevents the spread of colon cancer. It is also recommended for the treatment of haemorrhoids.

Get a Relief from Pain

Dates consist of anti-inflammatory properties due to it’s high content of magnesium. It helps to get rid of pain and also reduces swelling in some cases. As per the recent studies, it is proven that dates help to reduce arterial inflammation and also lowers the risk for heart disease. It also works well on the health conditions like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy

As per the study done at UST, a favourable results were achieved for the test of  how dates help with delivery and labor. The test was done on 69 women and it was observed that women who ate dates in the last 4 weeks of delivery got a favourable delivery and labor. Dates are also very beneficial to achieve weight loss after a pregnancy.

Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke

If you want to lower the high blood pressure then dates are the best solution for you. You can actually get rid of the regular medication for blood pressure if you start eating dates. The magnesium and potassium in dates are very helpful to handle the blood pressure.

It reduces the blood pressure and help the heart to work smoothly. There are around 7 research studies which have proved that magnesium content of dates helps to reduce the risk of stroke by 10% for every 100 milligrams intake of magnesium in a day.

A research work published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition provides strong support that dates play important role lower stroke risk.

Make your Brain Work Better

Addition to all the benefits of dates the most important is the impact of dates on brain health. It is amazing that enough amount of vitamin B6 makes your brain work better. It means the intake of date will help you to be more focused, access information at a faster speed and have more accurate memories. It makes your mind sharp and boost the learning process.

So, now you are aware of all the health benefits of dates. Go for intake of 3 dates per day and see the outstanding results from it.
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