You Won’t Believe What Resulted With Her Blowing Her Nose Extra Hard!

An injury that could only be caused by getting hit extremely hard in the face was made by one of the most absurd reasons! Doctors in the emergency room of the Leicester Royal Infirmary University Hospital were astounded to see that an unnamed 32-year-old woman had almost blown her eyes out of her sockets. The sight was really disturbing to some. The woman was forced to seek treatment because her eye had swelled up to the size of a golf ball, as a result of her “forcefully” blowing her nose.
When the doctors discovered a broken bone in the woman’s nose and diagnosed the swelling as “orbital emphysema.” Such condition occurs when air is forced into the soft tissue into the eye, causing it to swell exponentially. In some cases, the condition has led to blindness. However, the woman’s vision afterwards was not affected by swelling.
She was given antibiotics, and according to the doctors, the swelling went down gradually over the following 2 weeks. Take it easy the next time you try blowing your nose!
Article: Daily Mail
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