25 Ways to Get Rid of Inflammation and Joint Pain

Inflammation causes both acute and chronic pain. Understanding what inflammation means is of key importance in reducing it, and thus improving your health conditon.
The world of medicine understands two types of inflammation: Primary and Secondary. The first step of understanding the difference between these is the first step of the treatment.
Primary inflammation is a natural process in the human body.It involves removing toxins and rebuilding cells. It occurs every day, and does not cause pain; it is just your body that repairs itself. When primary inflammation does not do its job, secondary inflammation takes its position.
It is accompanied with pain and swelling. Your body uses pain as a way to tell you that something is wrong, and needs special attention.
Secondary inflammation is kind of a indication that primary inflammation cannot keep up. To avoid secondary inflammation increase the primary inflammation abilities of your body, so it can rebuild and detox itself efficiently.
Here are some simple tips on how to increase your body’s abilities to detox and rebuild itself in order to avoid any pain common for second inflammation:
1. Sleep
Sleeping is essential for good health. While sleeping, your body rebuilds and repairs itself. Secondary inflammation is quite common in individuals who do not have enough time for quality sleep.
2. Omega-3 fatty acids
These fats stimulate primary inflammation functions, thus making your body more efficient. Omega-3 fats are easy to find, so adding them to your diet is quite simple.
3. Apple cider vinegar
It boosts immune function. Your immunity is the key in primary inflammation, so by supporting it you support your overall health.
4. Leafy greens
They contain phytochemicals, nutrients, and enzymes that support primary inflammation and reduce the symptoms of secondary inflammation.
5. Intestinal health
80% of the immunity is in your intestines. The health of your intestines is crucial for your overall health. Supplement your daily diet with probiotics to maintain proper intestinal health.
6. Hydration
Water fuels every possible process in your body, including primary inflammation. Cells need water to function -- that is the most basic level. Add a mineral supplement to your water is an amazing way to boost your health and avoid severe inflammation.
7. Turmeric
It is a supperfood when it comes to treating inflammation. Each of the studies conducted on the base of this issue has proven that ginger has the power to fight secondary inflammation.
8. Ginger
It is another superfood that is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that support all the processes in your body. Combine ginger, turmeric and honey in a nice cup of tea to fight off inflammation.
9. Magnesium
It is the second common element in human cells. About 80% of the population lacks magnesium without even knowing it. Healthy cells are the base of good health, and magnesium has a crucial role.
10. Epsom salt
It is a naturally occuring pure minetal compound. It is composed of magnesium and sulfate, meaning it is an effective way to give more magnesium to your body. Relax in hot bath with some Epsom salt dissolved in it is a nice way to boost your health.
11. Essential oils
These are amazing for soreness and pain. Choose peppermint and eucalyptus. Lavender oil induces a state of calm. It is up to you to choose which oil you are going to use and how. Check this guide to essential oils to improve your health and primary inflammation.
12. Cherries and cherry juice
Cherries and tart cherry juice reduce acidity in your body, and thus prevent the occurence of secondary inflammation.
13. Sauna
It is a nice way to sweat, which is an excellent form of detoxification. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and the act of sweating assists primary inflammation.
14. Cayenne
Capsaicin is the active ingredient in cayenne pepper. It not only gives pepper its spiciness, it also fights off inflammation. Spiciness can sometimes cause indigestion, so make sure you learn what your body tolerates best.
15. Rosemary
It is super easy to grow at home, and everyone can do it. It may not have super anti-inflammatory properties as ginger and turmeric, but it contains large amounts of vitamin B6 and it is an amazing anti-inflammatory in its own way.
16. Sage
It is readily absorbed by your GI tract and it is rich in rosmarinic acid. It is an amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Rosemary provides a wide range of health benefits and you can easily add it to your dishes as a spice.
17. Devil’s Claw
It is a South American fruit and it is great when it comes to fighting inglammation. People have long used it to fight pain. Its name comes from the hook-like structure on the outer surface of the fruit.
18. Cryotherapy
Freezing yourself may sound strange and funny, but world’s best athletes always do it. By lowering your skin’s surface temperature you make the skin draw toxins from the inside of your body and thus promote good inflammation.
19. Cannabis
In real life, cannabis can do pretty much for your health, which explains why it is absolutely absurd that it is still illegal. Cannabichromene, a cannabinoid found in cannabis has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
20. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
It is practically breathing 100% pure oxygen at a pressure that is higher than normal. It pushes more oxygen to your cells and makes them work super-efficiently. It is a real trigger for good inflammation.
21. Acupuncture
It is an ancient art in which energy centers in the body are tapped and balanced. It increases circulation and oxygenation of tissues. Circulation relieves pain and flushes toxins that cause inflammation.
22. Tai Chi
Slow movements and muscle control provide amazing anti-inflammatory results. It relieves stress, thus promoting primary inflammation.
23. Green tea
It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Green tea promotes detoxification and relieves stress.
24. Diet
It is of key importance. Avoid processed foods, red meat, high-purine foods, and additives. The less toxins you eat, the less you will have to get rid of.
25. Yoga
Same as Tai Chi, yoga boosts circulation, muscle strength and relaxation. It is easy to do, and you can do it at your local gym or in the comfort of your own home.
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