Commercial medicine and the Cancer Industry would have you believe that the only way to cure yourself of a deadly disease like cancer is to pump your body with a substance that is just as deadly. And for many people it’s the only option that they are given. But it turns out that this ‘treatment’ is actually contributing to your disease.

Scientists in Russia have discovered the the neoadjuvant chemotherapy that breast cancer patients are exposed to can actually stimulate the evolution of the tumor. The results of this study, conducted by Nocholay Litvyakov, D.Sc., Head of the Tumor Virolohy Laboratory and TSO researcher Marina Ibragimova, were published in Siberian Journal of Oncology.
These scientists conducted a study where they analyzed biopsies of breast cancer patients preparing for operation. In each biopsy, the scientists were looking at the genetic makeup to search for abnormalities in the chromosomes.
Before the operation, the women in the study received 2 to 4 rounds of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). Repeated analyses were conducted after the surgery to evaluate the effect of the therapy on the tumor. The TSU scientists found that chemotherapy was effective on certain patients, but 23% of the patients examined showed new tumors being formed.
The tumor clones that were destroyed in the patients did not respond the same as those that weren’t destroyed by the neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Some chromosomes or partial chromosomes doubled in these clones, and the tumor cells became more resistant. This is what is known as amplification.
Amplification is a negative consequence of chemotherapy and almost all of these patients developed metastases in the five year period of observation. The researchers concluded that under the influence of chemotherapy, it is possible to stimulate the evolution of a resistant tumor that does not respond to the effects of chemotherapy.

The Solution

While chemotherapy has been proven effective in most people, it is still toxic and not 100% effective. Our ancestors rarely suffered from cancers, and it is only in modern history that cancer has become so prevalent in our society. The major difference? Our diets have severely changed. Here are the foods that they ate that we need to eat to beat cancer better than chemo.

Green Tea

Green tea contains EGGG, a polyphenol that has been shown to induce apoptosis in cancer cells, causing them to literally kill themselves.


The active component in turmeric is called curcumin and it powerfully synergizes with both conventional cancer drugs and other chemopreventive foods, and kills cancer stem cells without harming healthy cells.


Peanuts contain resveratrol, which is also found in grapes, and has been shown to slow the spread of cancer dramatically, and to induce apoptosis in various types of cancer cells.


Tomatoes, like watermelon and grapefruit, contain lycopene. Lycopene significantly decreases the risk of developing cancer if consumed regularly, and strongly suppresses the growth and development of different cancers.
These are some of the best foods to eat to fight cancer, but that’s not the end of it. Nature has more cures for us, and for a more detailed list check this out. The holistic route is always preferable to conventional medicine.
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