Attention! Do Not Mix These Household Products They Can Kill You

Probably the majority of you are unaware that the combination of different household cleaners can be extremely harmful. This comes as a consequence of the harmful gases which are created thus, and they have adverse effects upon your health. This article can be of great help of you for it reveals how you can protect your family from such dangerous mixtures.
You should know that it is absolutely forbidden to mix a window cleaner with some universal cleaner, for you can get no better results, and in contrast, you can increase their harmful effect.  You should avoid the following combinations by all costs as every cleaner is made for a specific purpose.

Baking soda and vinegar
You should always stay away from this combination, even though it may seem perfectly natural, and quite efficient as a house-cleaning device. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate reacts with acetic acid (found in vinegar), producing sodium acetate, water, and carbon dioxide. On the other hand, vinegar also causes baking soda to bubble, so if you put them in a closed container, you can cause an explosion.
Bleach with ammonia
The combination of these two ingredients creates toxic smokes, mainly chloramines, which are dangerous for your eyes and are extremely unsafe to breathe in.
Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide
You must remember not to blend these two items, especially not in the same container, as it will lead to the creation of peracetic acid. This acid is highly toxic and can damage your skin, eyes and respiratory system.
Chlorine bleach with vinegar
Any kind of acid, including vinegar, when mixed with chlorine, creates a dangerous formula because this combination produces a toxic chlorine gas.
Rubbing alcohol and bleach
This combination if extremely dangerous! It’s in fact a combination of chloroform and hydrochloric acid. So it is the best to use bleach only.
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