Faithbox Founder Describes How He Found God Again After Being An Atheist

One Man Tells His Journey Of How He Found God Once More In His Life

It is amazing how the word of God can change some people. Just a few years ago, Willie Morris was a self-proclaimed atheist who wanted nothing to do with Christianity. However, last year he launched a subscription service called Faithbox. Faithbox promises to those who subscribe a growth in faith. Subscribers can get boxes containing a combination of weekly cards with reflections and carefully selected products at costs ranging from $25 to $100.
Morris shares his journey into the truthful path of God:
“Four years ago I was an atheist in Florida running a design agency called The Pancake Movement. If you had told me that I would refer to myself as a Christian, I would have laughed at you,” Morris explained in a post on the company website last fall.
“A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be comfortable speaking outwardly about my own beliefs and faith, and, never in a millions years would I have imagined running a faith-based startup,”
According to Morris, he gave up on Christianity after attending Auburn University and witnessing “heavy-handedness” in the faith and variations of Christianity colliding in one place.
“Instead of kind of exploring and really going deep in it, I kind of slowly phased out going to church and phased out God in my life,” Morris explained. “Before I knew it, I was just really a person without any faith or without Christ in my life.”
This brought some changes to Faithbox.
“As I was finishing up college and spending hours upon hours in a genetics lab, the easiest solution was to dismiss every notion of religion. To be fair, Jesus, himself, could have been there to answer my questions and I wouldn’t have listened,” he wrote.
After his graduation Morris began working with a design firm. This involved working alongside a nonprofit organization that helped those affected by the 2011 Joplin tornado.
“There was a series of natural disasters that hit that were just devastating,” Morris said. “And they ended up mobilizing and getting on the ground there really quick.”
Morris was asked with making a blog about the disaster, and to read some of the letters from families that were helped. It turns out, those letters are what changed his life forever.
“I started going through them, and it was so impactful,” he said. “[It was] one of those times in my life that I’ll never forget.”
“People who literally lost everything still being so thankful and so gracious and a lot of them were thanking God in their letters, [saying] ‘Thank God he brought you guys to us,’” said Morris. “It just really got to me and it kind of just made me take a step back in my life and be like, ‘What am I doing? I’ve turned my back on my faith and yet these people that have nothing have so much of it.'”
He was so moved by the letters, that he decided to renew his faith years after he had given up. He has this to say about how Faithbox has also helped him with in his journey of finding God once more:
“Instead of attending church, I found myself sneaking off for a few minutes of the day for peaceful reflection — sometimes on a verse, sometimes on a quote, and sometimes just on the silence. Instead of proclaiming the pros of Christianity, I chose to challenge myself a little each day to be a better person towards others. I didn’t speak at all about being Christian, I didn’t feel the need to talk about it. It was personal and private.”

Article: Christian Post
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