Findings Confirmed, Doctors Did Not Believe: A Woman Cured Cancer In The Fourth Stage! She Ate Only This!

Our protagonist today is a woman called Candice Marie Fox, who succeeded to be her own hero.

In 2011, she was diagnosed with cancer and her doctors told her that she didn’t have time to fight against the disease. They believed she would live no more than five years, as a result of the thyroid cancer which had spread to other organs.

At this point, although devastated, she decided to avoid chemotherapy and started curing herself naturally.

After the death of  her cousin when he was only 13, as well as the death of her friend Jamie at 31, she concluded that chemotherapy was not offering positive results.
Instead, she simply didn’t quit and started reading about cancer.

She found that bromelain, which is found in papaya, pineapple and kiwi, destroys the protein layer of the cancer. On the other hand, she also found that animal proteins feed it.
Furthermore, she stopped smoking and using cosmetics and cleaning products, but what is more important, she tried to reduce stress.

Stress, chemicals and animal products feed cancer, so I got rid of them.”
Moreover, she discovered that when we consume big meals, our body spends its energy to digest all the food consumed.
On the other hand, she now decided to save this energy to fight against the disease.

Due to the bromelain and its effective cancer- fighting power, she started consuming 3 pineapples a day together with lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, bananas, apples and papaya. She was consuming only fruits for days.
After six months, her doctors confirmed that she defeated cancer almost completely.
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