Here Is What Your Butt Shape Says About You – You’ll Be Surprised!

Your butt shape describes your personality. There are 9 types of butt shape, which one is yours?
1. Muscle butt
These people are characterized as self-confident, intellectual and physically strong.
2. Round butt
People with round butt, or also known as apple bottom, are determined, positive and prosperous. Also, they are sexually active, sincere, direct and materialistic.
3. Square butt
These people are determined, ambitious and won`t stop until they complete their targets. They are successful in many businesses.
4. Wrinkly butt
People with wrinkly butt are reliable, calm and prudent. Those with asymmetrical wrinkles are a bit self-centered and they want too much.
5. Saddlebag butt
These people are very devoted in relationship and marriage. However, they lack self-confidence and motivation.
6. Saggy butt
A person with a saggy butt is amiable and big-hearted. Moreover, these people are loyal, sympathetic, supportive and with a great sense of humor.
7. Uneven butt
People who have larger left buttock than the right one are more prone to staying single. On the other hand, if you have larger right buttock than the left one, you will have many problems in life, such as problems at work for men, and problems with child birth for women.
8. Hairy butt
These people are very friendly and pleasant. Those who have black hair on their buttocks and red hair on their head are gifted and passionate.
9. Birthmarks on the butt
These are bold and passionate people. They will enjoy years of creation, passion and love in their life.
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