Here’s How to Save Your or Someone Else’s Life From Stroke Using Only a Needle

This is a traditional method which has been used in Chinese alternative medicine for years. According to Chinese experts, this method is 100% effective and can save someone`s life when having a stroke.
Chinese professor says that a needle can save a person`s life when having a stroke, and therefore it is recommended that you always have a needle in your house.
Here are the instructions:
  • First you need to know is that you must not move the person who has just experienced a stroke. It is much better to use a medical needle. In case you don`t have such at home, you can use a simple needle.
  • If you use an ordinary needle, you must first sterilize it, heat it on a fire, with a lighter or a candle before use. Prick the tips of all 10 fingers as close to the nails as possible and as fast as possible.
  • The blood will soon start flowing. If this does not happen, squeeze the fingers to simulate it.
  • As soon as the blood starts flowing out of all the fingers, the person will regain consciousness.
  • If the mouth of the patient is deformed, massage his ears until they become red in order to improve blood circulation.
  • Next, prick twice the soft part of the earlobe until you see two drops of blood.
  • The patient`s mouth will return into normal after a couple of minutes.
It is recommended that you wait until he is completely conscious and then take him the ER right away.
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