If You Smoke For More Than 5 Years, This Recipe Will Easily Clear Your Lungs!

Not only smokers have lung problems. One is for sure; smoker’s lungs are lot more damaged that to those who don’t smoke.

The best advice for you is to quit smoking, but if you find hard to do that, you can at least do something to prevent bigger damage.

We are presenting you one natural recipe that will help you and clean your lungs, in just 3 days!

Researchers have found that people, who smoke for longer than 5 years, more usually have bronchitis and cough issues. This is way you should try this proven recipe, and the positive results will be guaranteed.


400g clean and cut onion

2 teaspoons turmeric

1l water

400g brown sugar

1 small piece ginger root

Take a larger pot, and put the water and the brown sugar. Hit it until it starts boiling. Then add the onion and the ginger root. At the end, add the turmeric and some grated ginger. When the mixture starts boiling, you should lower the temperature. Let it cool at a room temperature, and then put it in the fridge.
You should drink from this mixture every morning before breakfast and in the evening, 2 hours after your last meal.
It would be also useful do some exercise during taking this treatment, for better results.
If possible, you should enjoy a hot bath every day also, but not more than 20 minutes. In this way, your body will expel the toxins more easily. Inhaling eucalyptus would be also beneficial.
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