Since sauerkraut, also known as sour cabbage, has numerous health benefits, it surely deserves honorable place on our table.
Great source of vitamin C
Sailor men can confirm this ingredient’s health benefits because they used to carry it with them on their long cruises. They used it as a preventive of scurvy, disease which occurs due to lack of vitamin C.
Natural probiotic
The souring process gives this vegetable its probiotic properties. Numerous healthy bacteria are included in the process of fermenting. These bacteria have great effects on digestive organs. This is why you should consume sauerkraut after taking antibiotics – in order to restore intestinal flora..
It acts preventive when it comes to cancer
Sauerkraut contains isothiocyanate that has anticancer effects. Besides that, it contains glucosinolate which activates human’s natural antioxidant enzymes, while flavonoids protect arteries from narrowing and damage.
For healthy heart
It also contains fiber which contributes in the process of regular digesting of food, which makes it great for brain’s and heart’s health. Fiber also helps in the process of regulating the level of bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and arteriosclerosis.
Strengthens the bones
Sour cabbage contains high percent of minerals which strengthen our bones and protect us from getting osteoporosis. It also contains vitamin K which is very important for maintaining healthy bones because it produces proteins which regulate bones’ mineralization.
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