Make your own cinnamon oil and use its health benefits!

In this mighty combination cinnamon plays the role of an amazing spice and super-efficient natural remedy. We bet that you have not heard of cinnamon oil at all. To be more precise, you probably know nothing about both types of cinnamon oil.

The first type comes in a form of strong essential oil and it is obtained through a complex processing of leaves and bark.

You can make the second type of cinnamon oil quite easily, and the production process involves extraction only.

We give you a detailed description of the production process and all you need is two basic ingredients:
  • cinnamon sticks
  • pure olive oil (refined)
Put your cinnamon sticks in a jar of your choice. Pour over some quality olive oil and make sure it covers the sticks completely.
Put the lid on and keep the jar at room temperature for about 3 weeks. Shake the content every day. After 3 weeks, strain the oil, and cheesecloths work fine for this purpose.
Transfer the oil into a dark glass bottle.

Your cinnamon oil is ready for use. There is no particular number of cinnamon sticks you should use, but make sure that your jar is filled completely. For instance, you need 5-6 cinnamon sticks for half a liter of olive oil. The more cinnamon sticks you use, the better your oil shall be.
If it is hard for you to find cinnamon sticks, use cinnamon powder in a ratio of 1:5. if you are using half a litter of oil, use 100 grams of cinnamon powder. However, we strongly recommend that you use cinnamon sticks, because long milling process destroys some of cinnamon’s health benefits.
Cinnamon oil has great smell, and it tastes amazing as well. Cinnamon and olive oil have great health benefits, and they both create a combination that is worth trying.

Cinnamon oil has strong antioxidant properties and prevents damages induces by free radicals. It protects cells, and thus prevents even the most horrifying diseases.

There are many ways to use cinnamon oil. Stir it into your dishes or cookies, or even salads, if you prefer such combinations. But, remember, cinnamon oil does not like long-term heating and high temperatures. The easiest way to use cinnamon oil is to take a teaspoon or two of cinnamon oil twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. Cinnamon oil is great for topical application, and you can rub it onto sore and inflamed areas.
Cinnamon oil has strong antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic and aphrodisiac properties.

Studies conducted at the Wheeling Jesuit University have shown that both cinnamon and cinnamon oil act as brain tonic which relieves and prevents tensions, anxiety, and memory loss. These products improve and strengthen brain activity.

Cinnamon oil purifies blood, meaning that is prevents acne. This aromatic oil stimulates blood circulation and prevents blood clotting. Regular use of this oil improves metabolic activity, decreases blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Moreover, regular use of cinnamon oil helps in maintaining normal blood sugar level.
A group of scientists at the American Human Nutrition Research Center found that cinnamon contains components that have a positive effect on vital organs. This applies especially to diabetics.
Cinnamon oil improves the function of your urinary tract and destroys bacteria in the bile duct. The oil kills off bacteria and fungi, which is why it is a common remedy in the treatment of candida.

Researchers have found that cinnamon oil affects colon positively and prevents the development of colon cancer.
Both cinnamon and cinnamon oil are a staple in oriental cuisine. Historical records show that this traditional use supports healthy digestion and reduces bloating. Take a teaspoon of homemade cinnamon oil to treat infections inside your oral cavity, including tooth issues, canker sores or fungi. Gargle the oil for several minutes, making sure that it coats every part of your oral cavity, then spit it out.

Cinnamon oil shows great results in the treatment of arthritis, thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Rub a tiny amount of the oil onto the affected area. Massage your sore spots once you get up and before you go to bed. Your pain should disappear after a while. The same treatment applies for muscle inflammation.
Cinnamon is a common natural remedy for flu, cold and sore throat. Cinnamon oil is an excellent diuretic, and it eases the excretion of waste material from your body.

The list of health benefits provided by cinnamon oil seems to be never-ending, and we have covered only a tiny bit. Do not forget, always trust nature before reaching for chemical-laden medication.
Cinnamon was more expensive than gold in the trade between Europe and The Orient. At that time, it was kept and transported under armed surveillance, a treatment only treasure requires.

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