Mix These 3 Ingredients And Never Fear Cancer Or Any Tumors!

Regular consumption of these three super-products provides a zero-risk of developing cancer.
Recipe:Stir a quarter teaspoon of turmeric into half a teaspoon of olive oil. Add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper. Stir well.
Use the spicy combination to dress salads or add it to your favorite dish or soup. If you decide to add it while cooking, make sure it does not cook for long and add it at the very end. If you prefer to use it as a remedy, add some water in the cup.
What actually prevents cancer and cancer growth?
It is all about turmeric. It is a yellow spice, known as one of the basic components of curry.
It is packed with strong anti-inflammatory properties.
No other natural product out there can reduce inflammation better than turmeric.
Latest studies have shown that turmeric prevents cancer, including colorectal, prostate and brain cancer.
But, be careful, some people have difficulties digesting turmeric. To get most of its benefits and prevent cancer, without any digestion problems, combine it with black pepper and ginger.
Black pepper has shown to increase the power of turmeric by 200 percent. Consume this mixture on a daily basis to prevent cancer or kill off existing cancer cells.
Use these ingredients regularly, as they have no side effects.
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