New Study Finds Scented Candles And Air Fresheners Pose Dangerous Health Risks. Here's What You Can Use Instead

Air fresheners have become extremely common, but they are wreaking havoc on health. Most commercial air fresheners contain dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like  benzene, limonene,  formaldehyde, and petroleum distillates. These chemicals cause asthma and other respiratory symptoms, eye irritation, bone damage and leukemia.

Almost all air fresheners contain dichlorobenzene, a chemical made of chlorine and benzene.  It is a known carcinogen, and an EPA-registered pesticide.  Animals exposed to it developed liver and kidney tumors.  It is found in the bloodstream of almost every American.
Did you know that air fresheners block your ability to smell? In fact, air fresheners were created as chemical numbing agents for the nasal area.  Spraying chemicals to suppress your senses is extremely  poisonous.

In 2007, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) tested 14 different brands of popular household air freshener products and found that most of them, even those labeled “all natural” or “unscented,” contained dangerous chemicals such as phthalates linked to hormone disruption and reproductive problems (

“Phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be particularly dangerous for young children and unborn babies.  Exposure to phthalates can affect testosterone levels and lead to reproductive abnormalities, including abnormal genitalia and reduced sperm production.  The State of California notes that five types of phthalates — including one that we found in air freshener products — are ‘known to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.'”

Easy Baking Soda Air Freshener

Not only does it get rid of a pleasant aroma, but it absorbs all the smells too.


1/2 cup baking soda
1o drops  Essential oil of you choice
Mason jar


Add 1/2 cup of baking soda and essential oil into the mason jar. Add more essential oils until you find the level that works best for you. Shake it up and place around your home. Add more oils if needed every few days and shake the jar to revive the scent. 

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